The Aljassimya Amateur Challenge

The Aljassimya Amateur Challenge


From Aljassimya’s web site:

Our aim is to make it possible for a new generation of Arabian Horse fans to learn how to compete with their horse by providing fun and fair competitions across Europe.

We not only supporting existing ECAHO Amateur shows but we are encouraging more amateur shows to start up. All shows in the Aljassimya Amateur Challenge have the same rules because we want every competitor at each participating show to have an equal chance of winning one of our amazing prizes! Our prizes include being a guest of Aljassimya Farm at the Salon Du Cheval World Championships and a hosted visit to the Valley of the Arabian Horse, Santa Ynez, California. We are also trying out new ideas for classes and encouraging additional development to the existing system to create a pyramid of qualifying layers. In this way we can maximize the number of people, whether they are owners or passionate young people, who can enjoy the excitement of competing.

We hope to be part of a new dynamic for Arabian Horse Shows that welcomes newcomers and gives them a space to grow and expand their skills, and deepen their appreciation for Arabian horse breeding.


The Aljassimya Amateur Challenge shows offer halter classes, trail classes and ridden classes.

  1. HALTER classes will now have three levels divided by the previous experience of the handler and/ or horse. Novice, Amateur and Experienced Amateur. An overall championship for all ages and sexes of horse will be offered, one for each level. Points are awarded for the 5 categories used in professional halter classes. We have also added two extra categories that encourage and reward horsemanship in halter handling. These two categories (Harmony Between Horse and Handler and Accuracy of Presentation) proved to be very popular as a way of encouraging a respectful way of presenting the Arabian at halter. They also give handlers an opportunity to move up the rankings at the next show by improving their relationship with their horse and making a better presentation next time.
    1. Type
    2. Head and Neck
    3. Body and Topline
    4. Legs
    5. Movement
    6. Harmony between Horse and Handler
    7. Accuracy of Presentation
  2. TRAIL classes are offered both in hand and ridden and they require the entrants to navigate around a course of obstacles, for example bridges and gates. Points are awarded for accuracy, rewarding horses that are well trained by their handler to cope with things they will meet in real life.
  3. RIDDEN classes will have two levels; Novice and Advanced, divided by the previous experience of horse and/or rider. Three divisions will be offered: Classic Pleasure, Hunter Pleasure and Western Pleasure.

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Points will be collected by individual handlers, with one or several horses, over any of the European Amateur events taking part in in the Aljassimya Amateur Challenge.

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Aljassimya Amateur Challenge Paris Duo Tickets:

  • 5 highest ranked Novice Halter Handlers
  • 5 highest ranked Amateur Halter Handlers
  • 5 highest ranked Advanced Amateur Handlers
  • 3 highest ranked Handlers in the In-Hand Trail Competition
  • 3 highest ranked Riders in the Ridden Trail Competition
  • 3 highest ranked Riders in Hunter Pleasure (Novice only)
  • 3 highest ranked Riders in Western Pleasure (Novice only)
  • 3 highest ranked Riders in the Classic Pleasure (Novice only)

These thirty people will be invited to the Salon Du Cheval World Championships as guests of Aljassimya Farm. Hotel and Entry Tickets for the thirty winners plus one named guest of their choice will be provided. Transport to the show will be the responsibility of each entrant in 2017. Terms and Conditions can be found on the Paris Duo Ticket Terms and Conditions Page. The winners will be announced at the end of the season.

Any winners present in person at the Salon Du Cheval are further eligible for the

Aljassimya Amateur Challenge California Prize Draw

A prize draw will take place on Sunday, November 25th 2018 at the Aljassimya Farm booth after the Stallion World Championship. Each of the winning handlers will have a single ticket in the prize draw. 3 tickets will be drawn at random, only from the handlers present at the Salon Du Cheval. Each of the 3 prize draw winners wins a ticket to California for them and a named friend. Travel and accommodation for one week to the Santa Ynez Valley are provided.

  • Flights to Santa Barbara in April 2018 for the Aljassimya Farm Open House.

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Aljassimya Amateur Challenge

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